Let us help you explore our beautiful Piedmont area. This UNESCO world heritage picturesque hills of Langhe is so unique that you will never forget the sight. The sunset, just unforgettable. Great company, the best wines in the world and you make memories for life. Wander around in the old cosy town and try the local restaurants. We send you or your group to wine tastings. We tell you where to go shopping. Check out all the small neighbour villages to Monforte d’Alba. They are only a few minutes drive from us. Enjoy a holiday at Dimora I Manichei in our luxurious rooms. The pleasure of a holiday in the countryside cannot be better. Why not get married in Italy? A lot of people have their wedding here in Monforte.  You will find all you need in Monforte to have the perfect italian wedding. The perfect site to get married is just 20 meters from our hotel. We have a fantastic old church as our neighbor on the top of Monforte with the perfect amphitheatre. The Monforte jazz festival is held here every year.


Saffron tasting

Visit the local producer of Saffron and enjoy the crocus flowers

Grappa tasting

Let us organize your grappa tasting from our rich assortment of grappas

Wine tasting

Let us organize your wine tastings to well known wine producers in the Barolo area

Truffle tour

Ask us if you want to plan a uniqe truffle hunt with the local truffle man

Shopping in Alba

The city of Alba has great shopping, find well known quality brands, try the local pizza and ice cream. Alba is only 15 minutes from Monforte d'Alba by car.

Biking in the Hills of Langhe

Rent a bike, take a trip through the Barolo vineyards and visit the surrounding villages

Local Restaurants

The area is full of quality restaurants. From local Piedmont cuisine to Michelin star restaurants

Papa dei Boschi

Visit the local Hazelnut producer

Public swimming pool

Try the large swimming pool area on top of Monforte, the family here runs a pizza restaurant and a "public" large swimming pool are where you pay an small fee to use(incurance). Ice cream, pizza etc in the restaurant there. 10 minutes walking distance from Dimora I Manichei

Franco Conterno Winery Barolo

Wine tasting at Franco Conterno ( Cantina Schiulun) on request

Mauro Sebaste Winery Gallo D'Alba

Wine tasting at Mauro Sebaste on request

Silvano Bolmida Barolo

Wine tasting as Silvano Bolmida on request

Marolo Grappa Alba

Grappa tasting at Marolo in Alba on request

Grab an Espresso in the square of Alba

Try the local espresso in Monforte d'Albas "piazza"

Roddolo Marked and Mini Marked

Shop the food you need in Monforte, we got two supermarkets here that supply you with fresh food

Pasticceria Viberti

Indulge yourselves in the local pastries.

Restaurant La Saracca

Saracca is always open from 18.00 every day. Don't miss out on this restaurant with it's unique modern interior

Zoo for the kids

Visist the local Zoo and reptile park. Only 30 minutes drive from Monforte